The talent of Cuban artists and a strong visual arts tradition has even created the artistic movement of the global scale, which is increasingly growing day by day.

“When I was introduced to the Cuban contemporary art, I realized that it was probably the biggest secret the international art market was keeping”, – said Howard Farber, the head of The Farber Foundation.

The end of international isolation of the island and improvement of diplomatic relations with the United States has a direct impact on the fact that Cuba now attracts increasing number of connoisseurs from America and Europe. Among its admirers are Shelley and Donald Rubin whose private collection consists of over 875 works of Cuban art, including contemporary ones, Ella Fontanals Cisneros, Ron and Ann Pizzuti (The Pizzuti Collection).

Even Boris Berezovsky, when visiting Cuba, was amazed and couldn’t resist purchasing painting by Cuban artists.

It is obvious that Liberty Island has come to its golden age, and it’s time to invest in contemporary art.

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