Первый отель Starwood откроется в Гаване

6 July 2016

Оператор Starwood Hotels & Resorts откроет первый отель в Гаване — Four Points Havana, расположенный в деловом квартале Мирамар. Starwood стал первой американской гостиничной компанией, вышедшей на кубинский рынок за последние 60 лет.

К услугам гостей 186 номеров, два ресторана — Don Quixote и El Olivo, современное MICE-пространство площадью свыше 1 тыс. кв. м, оборудованный офисной техникой бизнес-центр, спа и круглосуточный фитнес-зал. По словам операционного директора Starwood в Латинской Америке Джорджа Джиннатасио, Four Points Havana рассчитан в первую очередь на деловых путешественников.

Бренду Four Points принадлежат более 200 отелей в 40 странах, в течение ближайших пяти лет номерной фонд вырастет на 60%.

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EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla signed an agreement on political dialogue and cooperation.

12 December 2016

The heads of the EU member states signed on Monday a historic deal with Cuba on political dialogue and cooperation.
Brussels and Havana finished the negotiations on the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement on March 11. The agreement included a number of issues, aimed at improving political and economic cooperation.

Fidel Castro, Leader of the Cuban Revolution Dies at 90

26 November 2016
The leader of the movement that won Cuban independence and champion of the Global South has died in Havana.

U.S. Abstains in U.N. Vote Condemning Cuba Embargo

28 October 2016

UNITED NATIONS — Making a bit of history, the United States on Wednesday abstained for the first time in an annual General Assembly condemnation of the half-century-old American trade embargo against Cuba.

US airlines to start Cuba flights next month

27 October 2016

Three US airlines that fly from Bermuda are to start scheduled services to Havana. Travellers from Bermuda can make connections in a number of US cities to reach the Cuban capital.

US lifts import limits on Cuban cigars, alcohol

17 October 2016

For decades, Cuban cigars have been famous in the US for their intense, earthy flavor and near-unattainability.

The US embargo against Cuba prevented Americans from bringing home Cuban cigars, even if they were purchased in third countries.
Two years ago the limit was eased, but travelers could still bring home only $100 worth.

MEO Australia discovered a new oil deposit in Cuba

5 August 2016

At the beginning of August 2016 MEO Australia announced the discovery of oil deposits in the north of Cuba, of the volume of 8.2 billion barrels located at a depth of 2000-3500 meters. Production of oil could begin in late 2017 – early 2018.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts is opening the Four Points Havana

6 July 2016

It’s the company’s first hotel in Cuba located in Miramar business district. Starwood is the first US-based hospitality company to enter the market in nearly 60 years.

Russian Language Center May Open in Havana This Year

2 June 2016

Russian language center may open in Cuba this year, and the curricula of some Havana schools might include lessons of Russian.

During its visit to Moscow, Cuban delegation visited the Institute of Pushkin, where the parties discussed bilateral cooperation in education.